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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE UNIQUE Istanbul AGOP HIGH BELL PROTOTYPE Signature Ride 20" 1881 g

Original price $499.99 - Original price $499.99
Original price
$499.99 - $499.99
Current price $499.99
  • Here’s a unique ISTANBUL AGOP PROTOTYPE!

  • It’s like an Agop Signature Ride but with a Raw High Bell.

  • And Factory BLACK INK!

  • Highly collectible. Highly playable.

  • Why spend full pop on a regular Agop Signature when you can have something truly special. A one-of-a-kind AGOP.

  • Ultra Rare Istanbul AGOP 20” Prototype in perfect shape.  

  • 1881 grams. Slightly bendable edges. Super light and complex but with CONTROL- I believe this is actually a Mini Cup bell on a Signature - style Ride. That’s the vibe and that’s what I’ve been told by the great Agop in the Sky!

  • Plays like a Goldilocks blend of an Agop Sig and a Lenny White EPOCH Ride.

  • Semi-dry, complex. Smoky. Very organic tone. Light and airy but controlled. Crashable.  Light bounciness but with the feel of a 60 year old cymbal.  

  • Definitely not in the catalog. One-off-Prototype.

  • Amazing shape. Collectible. You won’t find this beauty at a big box store! Hang onto it and it will only increase in value.