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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare DARK Complex Istanbul Mehmet MC Jazz Ride 20" 1895 g SUPER Dark Crash! PERFECT

Original price $349.99 - Original price $349.99
Original price
$349.99 - $349.99
Current price $349.99
  • Here’s a hard to find beautiful DARK Complex Hand Hammered Ride that’s easily crashable - similar to the Agop SE Special Edition but with a raw, solid bell.

  • One of the nicest, truly DARK cymbals I have! 

  • Beautiful alternating gold/sienna lathing pattern. 

  • Hand Hammered Istanbul Mehmet 20” MC Jazz Ride in Immaculate shape. 

  • With a weight of ONLY 1895 grams, this glorious 20” Istanbul plays like a Dark Thin Complex Ride or Dark Crash Ride. 

  •  The stick attack is light and organic and is followed by a stunningly smoky and organic wash that billows out but retains a bit of control - it has a hint of dryness to it - compliments of the larger alternating lathing pattern. 

  • Crash on this Hand Hammered 20” and it unleashes one of the darkest, more full-sounding big crashes you will hear, gorgeous. 

  • Combine that with a raw, unlathed bell and you have this head-turning hand crafted Istanbul.  

  • Hand Hammered, organic, super dark, low pitched, raw bell, light and controlled Ride, magnificent Dark Crash. That is this beauty!

  • Can easily pass as a 22” - it’s that low and dark.  But it still has the faster response of a 20”.  

  • Perfect for very low to loud settings.  Great for recordings. Very light and smoky.  

  • This ain’t Guitar Center fodder. This is a stand-out cymbal that sounds magnificent for the price of a regular ass K 17” crash!! 

  • And it’s mint! One of the nicest cymbals you’ll hear.