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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

TURK OF DOOM Dark Complex Bosphorus Prototype RAW 21” THIN CRASH RIDE 1934 g

Original price $369.99 - Original price $369.99
Original price
$369.99 - $369.99
Current price $369.99


  • The elusive TURK OF DOOM PROTOTYPE!! And in a 21”!   This is one of the coolest complex cymbals out there! 

  • Take a look at the pictures of this beauty - it's an unlathed, Hand Hammered RAW 21” Prototype with a beautiful golden, sienna, copper, hue.

  • This custom stunning Bosphorus makes a Crash of Doom sound like a pleasant day!

  • It has one foot in Turk Series and one foot in raw BLANK!

  • The tone is ultra-dark and super complex. It has no problem cutting. Very broad dynamic range on this unique 21”. 

  • At a THIN 1934 grams this Prototype is a standout alternate Dry Ride or massive complex 21” Crash or Crash Effects.

  • When you ride on it, it’s surprisingly dry, but still very musical. The 1934 gram weight ensures a terrific stick attack. 

  • Edges are easily bendable.  It’s THIN!

  • This particular 21” has an incredibly broad dynamic range - sings from a whisper to a roar.

  • Opens up with the slightest touch. Explosive when crashed upon. 
  • Unlathed.  Hand Hammered. Organic. Easily bendable. Super dark and complex. Earthy  Dry. Medium quick decay. DOOM ish. 

  • Immaculate. Looks like it’s 2000 years old. 

  • Collectible 21” RED LABEL and Copper Hue Prototype!