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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

1950s Vintage Zildjian Light Complex Ride 20” 1977 g Hand Hammered

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$439.99 - $439.99
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  • This 70-year-old Zildjian is the REAL DEAL Light Complex Ride.  

  • It’s what the Avedis Series was striving for, but this one really IS Hand Hammered. 

  • And at only 1977 grams it’s THIN - it’s hard to find a 70 year old cymbal under a Medium weight.  Most were cracked during the hair metal bacchanalia of 1987. 
  • This particular 50s Zildjian A is overall light with a smooth complexity.  

  • It’s beautifully Hand Hammered and has a glowing subtle warmth underneath a surprisingly strong stick attack - especially for a cymbal this THIN.  

  • Great broad spread. Both dark and bright overtones are present but nothing dominates, it’s a Goldilocks blend. 

  • Perfectly blends mellow and complex. 

  • It crashes incredibly well. The bell is solid for a thinner 70-year-old cymbal.  

  • And yet has a light and subtle control to it. 

  • I have come across a lot of cymbals, this is one of the nicest all-around LIGHT COMPLEX 1950s Zildjians you’ll encounter. 

  • Only 1977 grams. 

  • No need to chase the “vintage vibe” replicas trying to recreate what cymbal has been doing for over a century effortlessly.