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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Ultra Warm Versatile ISTANBUL Mehmet TRADITIONAL 20” Ride 1997 g Crashable

Original price $279.99 - Original price $279.99
Original price
$279.99 - $279.99
Current price $279.99
  • Beautiful cymbal alert!!  Looking for a glorious, Hand Hammered, smooth Dark Warm Ride that can do a lot?

  • Get this!  This Istanbul is absolutely fantastic sounding. Have a listen! Very warm and extremely crashable.  

  • Golden Istanbul Mehmet Traditional 20” Ride in fantastic shape.  

  • This beauty has all the golden glowing warmth of the famous Traditional Series but being only 1997 grams it’s easily crashable, mellow and controlled with an ultra smooth and warm decay. 

  • Golden glowing Hand Hammered tone but with an incredibly smooth finish. Not overly complex or trashy. 

  • At a Goldilocks 1997 grams, this 20” has a terrific stick attack on top with a golden wash that remains mellow and controlled but has a pinch of complexity - just a bit. Extremely crashable. Very warm. The great solid bell for such a mellow cymbal. 

  • Incredibly versatile! As nice a usable 20” as you will find. Can be a great straight up Dark FULL Crash. 

  • Perfect for any music - very quiet to loud settings - when you crash on the edge this 20” really opens up and can handle itself in louder gigs.  Great for jazz but not at all limited to jazz.

  • Stunning swell! 

  • Beautiful shape with no issues. Golden light patina  A gorgeous Istanbul that can occupy a lot of positions on the drum kit.