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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Paiste Vintage 404 20” Sizzle Ride 2044 g

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Take a 2002 and throw it in jail for public intox in the Applebees parking lot after his niece’s baptism. 

Thats the beauty of the 404. Unvarnished. More pirate-mouthed than the 2002, even profane. But still part of the family - and with a lot more colorful experiences than those strait-laced, hospital corners in-laws. 

The SLEEPER Vintage Paiste 404 20”, and this one is adorned with all 6 rivets in the vintage configuration!  I’ve never even seen this before. Same 2002 alloy. Just a lot more fun! 

2044 grams. Smooth sounding but with a colorful complexity the in-bed-by-9 clean sounding 2002 could never dream of. 

Thin, light, airy, whispy, delicately complex, incredibly responsive. When played lightly it still has a nice stick attack one top.

Crashes beautifully. Makes a great main ride or a killer Left Side Ride Sizzle. 

And it costs less than defacing-the Applebees-bathroom.