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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare Sabian RADIA CHINA SWISH PANG 20” 2079 g MINT

Original price $429.99 - Original price $429.99
Original price
$429.99 - $429.99
Current price $429.99
  • Such a fascinating cymbal - and you NEVER see these! 

  • A truly DRY china, like for real! Sabian RADIA China, or hell it could be a Swish or Pang. And it’s the larger 20” size. 

  • Inspired by Terry Bozzio it comes as no surprise that everything about this cymbal is unique. Rounded over raw HH Hand Hammered bell that blends into this - who-knows-what-the-hell kind of vertical golden brushed lathing plain, and then the outer 2.5” go back to raw and unlathed but heavily Hand Hammered. 

  • And the flanged lip is like that of a Pang! I’ll give it to Sabian- it’s incredible that a large company made such a custom cymbal. 

  • At 2079 grams the end result is a unique sounding 20” that is both exotic and dry, can roar and yet dissipate quickly. Can pierce with a strike and then be a great alternate dry ride for a shuffle. 

  • Perfect for any genre - amazing for explorations but can also sit right in the middle of any gig.  

  • A mesmerizing cymbal that is a lot of fun to play. 

  • Perfect shape. Damn-near impossible to find.