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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Vintage 1974 Paiste 2002 Factory-Stamped Ride 20” 2087 g SUPER CLEAN from ‘74

Original price $379.99 - Original price $379.99
Original price
$379.99 - $379.99
Current price $379.99
  • One of the cleaner Vintage Paistes you will find!  This thing is beautiful looking….and sounding!!  

  • It’s hard to believe it is celebrating its half century birthday! Literally! And still this clean!

  • Imagine a time when the famous  Paiste 2002 was a new cymbal. Well this 20” is from that time - the THIRD YEAR of production! 
  • Want to know how this 20” sounds? Just turn on the radio. Listen to half of the greatest classic rock recordings. 

  • There you go. 

  • This 20” is from 1974.  And it’s incredibly clean for its age. 

  • Why settle for a boring-ass stock photo, guess big-box store heavier version that can be restocked anytime. 

  • This is the Paiste that made them a household name. 
  • Vintage Black Label Paiste 2002 Factory Stamped “RIDE” 20” in phenomenal condition. 

  • No dents on the bell or anywhere else - which is hard to find on 50-year-old Paistes. There's a reason this is Paiste's #1 selling series. 

  • Clean, chime-like, classic tone that throws that lush familiar Crash-Ride when laid into, oh-so-familiar to the ear.

  • A thinner 2087 grams. 

  • A classic tone from the THE CLASSIC ERA. 

  • THE REAL ONE. In amazing shape too! One or two spots of patina etc - this 1974 Paiste looks like it’s a few years old. 

  • Playable. Collectible. Incredible.