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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

UNIQUE CUSTOM Shop Vault Sabian HHX Raw Bell Thin Ride 20” 2093 g

Original price $379.99 - Original price $379.99
Original price
$379.99 - $379.99
Current price $379.99
  • Unique CUSTOM VAULT SHOP Stamped Sabian 20”

  • HHX RAW BELL PROTOTYPE weighing in at a wonderfully thin and crashable 2093 grams. 

  • No need to go $470 deep on a new big box store HHX that anyone can grab! 

  • Check out this One-of-a-Kind CUSTOM SHOP VAULT Prototype Sabian Raw Bell that is extremely clean! 
  • Wonderfully warm, semi-dark and lightly complex with a strong stick attack. This one has a great straight-up stick attack and very solid bell - it’s raw and cuts tremendously well! Especially for a  thinner cymbal. 

  •  Sabian describes their HHX COMPLEX Ride as:
    "Using trickle-down technology gleaned from years of developing some of the world’s top-selling cymbals lines like Evolution, Legacy, and even Artisan, SABIAN introduces HHX Complex, a new line of exquisitely dark Ride cymbals. The Complex Medium Ride employs a combination of HH and HHX hammering, a raw hammered bell, and a number of the aforementioned proprietary techniques – resulting in one of the richest, sweetest Ride cymbals SABIAN has ever produced. The Complex Medium Ride is big, thin and dark – with a medium-size hand-hammered raw bell – a combination that brings out the lows and complexities of this cymbal’s tone. The versatility to easily cross musical styles has always been a hallmark of the HHX line, and the HHX Complex Medium Ride is no exception."

  • And that is the vibe of this Unique Prototype VAULT 20”.  Except that the bell is even more focused and cutting, and it’s several hundred grams thinner and much more crashable.  

  • 2093 grams makes the crash billow out - gorgeous as a crash accent or Crash Ride - very warm. 

  • The RAW bell is HUGE and solid. It cuts extremely well. As you migrate down to the plain of the cymbal, the tone opens up and overtones emerge and blend in. For a cymbal with a thinner weight, this Vault Prototype has a great stick attack with a subtly complex-sounding wash.  

  • Very even and balanced with a subtle, Hand Hammered glow.  
  • Responsive at lower volumes, and definitely strong enough to project in loud LIVE settings. 

  • Raw Bell Ride.  Thinner Warm Ride. Or big 20” Crash. This Custom Shop Sabian occupies a lot of positions on the drumset. 
  • Extremely clean.  No issues.  Don’t pay more for a humdrum big box store guess that you can even listen to!