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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare 1950s Vintage Zildjian 19” Smooth Ride or Semi Dry Crash Ride 2110 g Great Definition

Original price $359.99 - Original price $359.99
Original price
$359.99 - $359.99
Current price $359.99
  • Absolutely stunning and very hard to find 75 year-old odd-sized 19” Vintage Zildjian Ride or Crash Ride in terrific shape. 

  • 19s” from this era are not easy to come by, and this one makes the perfect complement to a 21 or 22, or even a matched 20”.

  • Weighing in at perfect 2110 grams this 19” offers a simply fantastic stick attack - it has a 7-decade old patina that dries this Zildjian out beautifully. 

  • Strong, defined stick attack! 

  • Semi-dry, medium with a classic 50s wash. Focused. Aged particularly well with a pinpoint stick attack.  Good definition and penetration but still remains controlled. Very solid bell for a 19”.  

  • Crash on it for a very full and loud Ringo-style white noise or accent. Very robust and full sounding crash! 

  • Small combo Semi-dry Ride or Left Side Crash Ride to accompany your main Ride, or big 19” FULL Crash. Whatever you decide this 1950s Zildjian can occupy many positions on a kit.  

  • A Vintage A from around the time of Coltrane’s BLUE TRAIN is quite a nice Zildjian! And this is the Rare 19”!