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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

UNIQUE Dark Complex Mongiello PROTOTYPE 21” THIN Crash Ride 2118 g

Original price $524.99 - Original price $524.99
Original price
$524.99 - $524.99
Current price $524.99
  • It’s a joy playing a hand-crafted, truly custom musical instrument. And with one swipe on this Mongiello Prototype Dark Complex 21”, that joy is felt.  

  • This particular 21” one-off beauty marries dark and complex with a deep warmth on top and a slightly smoky wash. 

  • Have a listen!  

  • It opens up with the lightest touch and has a fairly quick decay for a 21”. 
  • Gorgeous craftsmanship - Heavily Hand Hammered and fully lathed in a pattern reminiscent of the Istanbul Ks of yore. Stunning hammering encircles the bell and the profile is low, lending a darkness and brooding quality.  

  • Sounds like the bastard child of a Paiste Traditional 22” Light and an Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary. 
  • At a thin 2118 grams this Prototype is unbelievably responsive - gorgeous swells with mallets or sticks, comes alive even with a brush stroke. 

  • Crash on it for billowing, deep and lush truly DARK Crash tone. 

  •  Make it the main Light Ride to build your sound around, alternate Left Side Ride or just a huge, Dark Crash that will get out of the way quickly. 

  • Whatever you decide, this cymbal is a blast to explore.  

  • Perfect. And Handcrafted!  Costs less than big box store cymbals. And there’s  nothing like it.