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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

THE THINNEST Sabian RADIA 21” Ride Crash 2127 g DRY UNIQUE

Original price $459.99 - Original price $459.99
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$459.99 - $459.99
Current price $459.99
  • Raw bell. Raw perimeter. And the plain looks like it’s from a NOVA SPECIAL.

  • It must be the Sabian RADIA!!  

  • You never even see these things around!  And definitely not a 21” at 2127 grams.

  • But chez Hazelshould, wonders never cease!  Thin Dry Dark CUSTOM Sabian RADIA PROTOTYPE in the rare 21” size.

  • At 2127 grams this is the thinnest, most crashable RADIA I’ve ever seen - it opens easily with mallets but remains dry and decays quite quickly for a large cymbal.

  • Sabian has busted their ass for the last 40 years trying to outshine their family members (Zildjian) and one of the ways they have gained attention in this hardscrabble world of cymbalmaking is through experimentation. Such is the case with this ingenious Radia 21”.

  • As you can see the bell is UNLATHED and heavily Hand Hammered. Followed by what appears to be VERTICALLY LATHED and Hand Hammered glory. The outer 2" ring is UNLATHED and Hammered.

  • The result is a cymbal that has a wonderful DRY, ARTICULATE, very responsive stick attack but also possesses an organic, breathy and complex vibe - compliments of the vertical lathing an overall RAW treatment!

  • One of the best DRY CRASHES you will find - and it’s HUGE too, but decays quickly.  

  • A Multi-Application cymbal that’s unique, versatile and easily useable on any gig.

  • Amazing condition. Damn near impossible to find Prototype.