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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Ultra RARE Early Paiste Signature 19” DRY RIDE YES a NINETEEN! 2186 g

Original price $379.99 - Original price $379.99
Original price
$379.99 - $379.99
Current price $379.99
  • Here’s One of the rarest signatures ever to be offered - or maybe not offered.  It must have debuted NAMM show weekend and then been discontinued Monday.  

  • I've only SEEN 2 OTHERS! In thirty years. 

  • This particular beauty is from the SUPER EARLY days of the Signature Series - 1994. 

  • And it has that hallmark Early Signature craftsmanship  deep and wavy, with the circular ball peen style hammering.  

  • This smaller Signature is fairly dark sounding too.  

  • It looks a little like the famous Paiste Rough Ride - another early one.  

  • Imagine the famous Paiste DRY HEAVY Ride... with that same massive BELL...BUT in a more controlled 19" with a faster decay and quicker playability.  Here you are! 

  • What's great about this rare Paiste 19" is that although I would not call it "Dry," (compared to a Sabian Fierce Ride or Zildjian K Custom Dry), the wash is DEFINITELY more focused and controlled compared to most other Paiste Signature Rides - compliments of the smaller size.
  • And its DRIER and more controlled compared to other Signature Dry Heavy Rides. The stick attack on this particular one is PROMINENT - again especially for a Signature. 

  • This rare sized 19" is a great combination of semi-dark and dry-and that's not always an easy combination to find. The bell on this Dry Ride is a whopping SOLID 5.5" and it's one of the most penetrating bells on the market -especially for being a 19". The attack is aggressive and the definition strong. 

  • The weight is 2186  grams.

  • Well balanced, semi-dark, dry, great, focused stick attack, huge, SOLID bell, cutting and aggressive with that clean, clear inimitable Paiste tone that's to die for. 

  • More controlled and drier with a quicker decay than its larger brother. 

  • THAT'S this cymbal.

  • And with a hell of a lot of DEEP hammering.

  • Damn near impossible to find.  A gorgeous Paiste Signature.  Collectible.