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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Semi-DRY 1950s Vintage ZILDJIAN BLOCK STAMP Warm Ride 2198 g

Original price $439.99 - Original price $439.99
Original price
$439.99 - $439.99
Current price $439.99
  • Along with the Trans Stamps, the 1950s BLOCK STAMP Logo is my favorite era of Zildjian.

  • It’s their gilded age.  There’s something about the metal from that era. It’s soft and buttery.

  • And that’s exactly the case with this particular glowing 20” 7 decade old Zildjian.

  • A perfectly balanced 2198 grams outs it in the Goldilocks zone of great stick attack with that dark, buttery Hand Hammered golden wash. 

  • Plays like the perfect Light to Medium Light Ride - great weight for definition but the metal is still soft enough to crash upon.  

  • The 70-year-old dark golden patina has aged and mellows this 20” out magnificently.

  • Pronounced and articulate semi-dry stick attack that is followed by a wonderful glowing but controlled, Block Stamp warm wash.

  • Dark ROAR with mallets and crashed upon. 

  • This is a spectacular Vintage Zildjian. An incredible Light Ride or Crash Ride. 

  • Absolutely fantastic condition! No issues.  Stunning. 

  • Don’t pay more money for a “Vintage Vibe” Zildjian.

  • It’s a lot more fun to just play the original 70 year old one that’s actually Hand Hammered.