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RARE WAY Discontinued Sabian TONY VERDEROSA VFX 19” Ride 2208 g

Original price $299.99 - Original price $299.99
Original price
$299.99 - $299.99
Current price $299.99
  • Well here's a rara avis. And this Signature Sabian has been DISCONTINUED...for a while now!! And from what I've heard, Sabian actually cannot make this cymbal anymore because the special coating process no longer available.

  • Fortunately...

  • I just so happen to have..... and for you Dry Ride seekers, this particular 19" is exceptionally nice!

  • As a matter of fact NO COMPANY makes anything like this DRY VFX - this beauty was forged when electronic music and drum 'n' bass was new to the scene.

  • The Rare and ohhhhh so multi-colored, psychedelic, discontinued Sabian Signature TONY VERDEROSA  VFX 19” Ride.  

  • Now spin your computer round and round and drink the colors, man.

  • The only VFX 19" Sabian ever made was the Signature Ride, so there you have it. And dig the craftsmanship on this 19”.  Unlike anything else there is!

  • Sabian described this cymbal as:
    "At 19" the Tony Verderosa V-FX Ride delivers the dry, definite sounds so necessary for modern music but with a more traditional look and feel that includes a solid bell and quick-response sticking”

  • And that’s accurate!

  • Weighing in at a trippy 2208 grams this VFX Ride plays like no cymbal l've ever seen...or heard. It plays a medium heavy DRY Ride. The tone is semi-dark, aggressive and remarkably focused. This Sabian Signature delivers a solid slightly dark PING like attack that is followed by a very controlled wash. The is SOLID and cuts extremely well. And this thing looks cool as hell.

  • You hardly EVER see these cymbals!! They were rare when Sabian DID produce them!

  • You can use this RARE Sabian VFX Ride for whatever your heart's desire. I believe it was originally produced for techno, electronic dance music, and loops and samples. But with a cymbal like this, the on limit is your imagination. It's a definite head turner.

  • It makes a great DRY main ride or alternative effects ride.

  • No issues.  Light surface wear/use.

  • And you ain't gonna find this cymbal on musiciansfriend.  

  • It's a rare one. And this series has been discontinued for nearly 20 years.  A lot of fun to play because there’s nothing else like it.