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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

COMPLEX 1950s Block Stamp Vintage Zildjian 20” LIGHT RIDE SIZZLE 2266 g

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$439.99 - $439.99
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  • Well, you can’t ask much more from a cymbal than this:

  • Dark, ultra buttery smooth, super warm with a Hand Hammered complexity and terrific woody stick definition but simultaneously solid 5.5” bell that cuts magnificently but is not brutish. 

  • Absolutely gorgeous - this is the tone that made Zildjian famous! 

  • A strike at the edge delivers a billowing, BIG DARK CRASH that is magnificent and sounds like no modern Zildjian. 

  • This is a 1950s Vintage Zildjian BLOCK STAMP 20”and it’s a perfect mix of smooth and complex with character.  

  • Along with the 1940s Trans Stamps the Block Stamp Zildjian is my favorite era of Zildjian. The metal is different from this era. It’s softer and more buttery. 

  • Forged when “Clifford Brown and Max Roach” was a new recording. That’s inspiring to play.

  • Telltale golden era Zildjian Hand Hammering and bell mellowed golden brown 6-decade old patina. Dark and brooding.

  • This is the cymbal all these companies keep striving to be.  But this 20” just is.

  • At a perfect 2266 grams this beauty inhabits the Goldilocks zone of Sizzle Rides - enough heft for a strong stick attack but still thin enough to be crashable. 
  • Primed for 6 rivets in the Vintage Old School configuration and currently outfitted with 2 old-timey rivets for a gorgeous rain-on-the-roof light Sizzle. 

  • Sounds like it’s plucked from a 1954 Thelonious Monk recording. 

  • Dark. Semi-dry. Warm. Medium pitched with highs and lows present. Fairly complex with a light smokiness. Light sizzle. 

  • Great shape with no issues.  Beautiful 7 decade old patina mellows and smoothes this beauty. 

  • It’s a joy and inspiring to play a 70 year old actualky Hand Hammered 20” from the days Zildjian was literally BUILDING their reputation.