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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$299.99 - $299.99
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  • Here’s RARE, CLEAN, long discontinued Zildjian…the MASSIVE 22” CHINA LOW. And it’s wonderfully MELLLLLOOOOOW! 

  • No Modern Zildjian sounds like this - this 22” is much, much lower-pitched, and infinitely more mellow than any newer Zildjian China.

  • The very low, almost FLAT profile gives this 22” China Low a darker, lower-pitched tone and makes it a joy to ride on.  Almost flat playing surface - which makes it very easy to ride.

  • Being the largest sized version, it’s the perfect alternate ride. 

  • Very exotic-sounding - if this were still around it would probably be in Zildjian’s effects or Oriental Series.

  • 2281 grams gives it a Medium Thin constitution, which is great because it has the combined feature of being both mellow and capable in louder settings. And that’s rare. 

  • The flat surface makes for easy, mellow riding - a la Mel Lewis. It’s very responsive at this weight for this series. 

  • Keeps a foot in exotic, vintage land!  But can still penetrate a modern mix.

  • Very good condition. Aged 35 years and very clean. Typical light wear/use on the edge. 

  • You can’t get this Mellow Low 22”, they were hard to come by, even when they were produced. 

  • This is a great, exotic Zildjian that you never see nor hear!   And it’s clean for being over 3 decades old.  Light patina mellows it. Strong logos.