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DRY LIGHT Vintage 1950s Zildjian 20” Sizzle Ride 2296 g EARLIER

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$429.99 - $429.99
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  • Here’s an amazing 60-year-old Dry Sizzle Ride 

  • What’s fascinating about this specific 20” is that it actually has the smaller center hole that you see in the 1940s Trans Stamp Zildjians. It also looks like a later 1940s model. Perhaps it hung around the Massachusetts Zildjian vault and aged a decade.

  • A Vintage Zildjian 20” Sizzle that has aged 60 years is a damn fun cymbal to play!

  • And that is exactly what we have right here. It’s not easy finding a perfect Dry Sizzle - one that offers a great definition with a pinch of breathy shadow. 

  • This particular 20” lives in that miracle place of the perfect balance between stick definition and glorious, subtle light and lively wash that is also Old School organic!  This one has a little bit of warm buttery airiness to it compliments of those OLD-TIMEY rivets. 

  • It has that classic Zildjian 50s A attack but it is a little darker than most- it is mellowed by a 6-decade old patina. It sounds like it was plucked right off a Thelonious Monk Record - which makes perfect sense because it came out when Thelonious Monk came out. 

  • 2296 grams ensures a terrific stick attack - especially for a Sizzle Ride. But this ain’t no Ping Ride. It’s the cymbal you hear on myriad recordings.

  • Primed for 4 rivets and currently outfitted with all 4 VINTAGE rivets. I would leave them in because this cymbal sounds amazing as-is. 

  • Absolutely amazing condition!  Perfect smaller hole. Absolutely stunning condition with a 60-year-old patina. 

  • Glorious Real Deal 1950s Sizzle that’s been making music for 60 years. 

  • Why spend MORE on the imposters?

  • Get this great attack Sizzle and grow old with it.

  • Perfect for any style of music. 65-year-old Vintage As are always in style.