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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare 1940s Vintage ZILDJIAN TRANS STAMP 20” Ride 2296 g

Original price $599.99 - Original price $599.99
Original price
$599.99 - $599.99
Current price $599.99
  • Recently Zildjian released 100 of these kinds of cymbals. 

  • For $2000 apiece. 

  • Fortunately….

  • Here’s a glorious Hand Hammered Zildjian that captures the golden era of American Cymbal Making. Hand-hammered. Handcrafted. Aged nearly 80 years. Softer played-in. Golden 8 decade old patina. Has an indelible sweetness to it with darker leanings.  
  • Forged when Dizzy Gillespie was a new artist. Literally. 

  • Zildjian Trans Stamp 1940s 20” Ride in fantastic condition! 

  • Stunning Hand Hammering throughout giving this 1940s Zildjian a gorgeous wavy surface.

  • Wide lathing on the plain transforms into very thin and fine lathing at the edge with exquisite Hand Hammering at the edge.  

  • A beautiful blend of straight up stick attack mixed with a DARK Hand Hammered complexity that is the hallmark of this 1940s era Zildjian.  

  • Absolutely FANTASTIC stick attack! I would not call it dry, but it sure as hell is articulate for a fully lathed and Thin to Medium Thin 20”. 

  • Weighing in at 2296 grams this beauty has a Thin to  Medium Thin Dark Complex tone. Being 80 years old it has an intrinsic softness to it and plays with a pliable-ness that no new cymbal can imitate.  It still has plenty of tension within to deliver a great attack - especially for being 2296 grams. 

  • Not pre-aged, just AGED.   

  • Semi-dark. Organic stick articulation that penetrates without a clank. Very warm, light, and organic sounding semi-complex tone. Mellowed over 8 decades, a great natural golden patina that controls the wash organically, truly a hand-hammered Zildjian so it has a pinch of complexity. Hand-hammered out to the edge. 1940s style smaller hole. Has the body and fullness of a Hand Hammered cymbal but is tempered and sweetened by the golden brown  to very dark patina and has mellowed over the decades. 

  • Why pay the big bucks to big box stores for the “vintage imitations”. Just get the REAL one. 

  • THIS is the sound that made Zildjian famous! For real. This is it. 

  • And this rare 20” Zildjian has been making music for 75 years. And it still has more to say….

  • An inspiration and a joy to play.