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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


Original price $279.99 - Original price $279.99
Original price
$279.99 - $279.99
Current price $279.99
  • An incredibly VERSATILE Top of the Line Sabian, this 20” is Dark, has a terrific stick attack, penetrating bell and shimmering, glassy Brilliance. 
  • You can truly use this for any genre!  
  • And apparently Sabian thinks it’s great too - considering they charge just under half-a-grand for it!   But you not need spend all that money! And you don’t have to sacrifice time either. 

  • This particular beauty has a slightly DRIER stick attack followed by a GLASSY wash that shimmers. Overall lower pitched. 

  • But DAMN!  The RAW and unlathed BELL is incredible.  Lower pitched DING that cuts. 

  • Sabian and Dave Weckl hit a home run on this one. 

  • The bell cuts. The plain gives a clear and clean definition and the outer edge yields a full crash when laid in to. 

  • Normally these cost $485.  This is after all Sabian’s HHX series. I’m not even kidding. Almost $500. 

  • At 2324 grams it plays like a shimmering, warm Brilliant Medium Thin to Medium HHXRide. But it’s DARK
  • Low in pitch. Dark and SMOOTH with a glorious Brilliant Finish glassy shimmer. 

  • Dark chime-like stick definition that has the slightest ounce of smokiness compliments of the HHX craftsmanship.  

  • Not overly ping-y. Softer for a 2324 gram 20”. 

  • Great for very soft to loud settings. 
  •  No issues.  Amazing condition!