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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

HUGE DARK FULL Sabian AAX Heavy Crash 20” 2354 g Smooth Ride

Original price $239.99 - Original price $239.99
Original price
$239.99 - $239.99
Current price $239.99
  • This is a sleeper cymbal - it’s incredibly versatile. Have a listen. 

  • This specific AAX 20” Crash was hand-selected from the vault, it’s very dark and super smooth sounding.  Very full with massive projection. 

  • HUGE Brilliant Finish AAX 20” HEAVY CRASH that is in fantastic condition!

  • This particular 20” sounds exactly like a smoother HHX Evolution. It’s warm and very full sounding and a bit more focused than the HHX series.

  • What makes this particular 20” so nice is that although it is a “Heavy” it is not a clanker! Far from it in fact. 2354 grams - not 2700.  So it feels like a Medium. 

  • And it’s dark - wonderfully so. Dark and full with a light brilliance.  

  • This particular one really projects.  Super FULL and dark! 

  • The bell is raw so it provides a good attack! 

  • What’s incredible, and I know there may be some skeptics, but dammit does this 20” AAX makes a great smooth BRILLIANT LIGHT RIDE. The bell is strong and the stick attack is pinpoint when played lightly, it’s very refined with a brilliant shimmer!

  • Handpicked. No issues.  Light patina. Very little pay 

  • Not a stock photo - you’ll get this exact one.

  • No need to go full pop for a guess.  This one is amazing. Guaranteed.