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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Hard to Find Semi-Dry Sabian HH 20” JAZZ RIDE 2376 g CLEAN

Original price $219.99 - Original price $219.99
Original price
$219.99 - $219.99
Current price $219.99
  • At first, this appears to be a mystery cymbal, however upon close inspection, one can deduce this to be the discontinued Sabian HH JAZZ RIDE.

  • One of the telltale signs of the Jazz Ride is the large, rounded over 5.5” bell that is reminiscent of the Zildjian 1950s BLOCK STAMP cymbals.  Also, the plain of the cymbal and the bell itself are Hand Hammered in the classic HH ball-peen style. 

  • The 2376 gram weight is another indication - the Jazz Rides are always right around a Medium Lightweight range. 

  • And finally, the SOUND!  These HH Jazz Rides always have a fantastic stick attack followed by light breathiness.  As a matter of fact this 20” is surprisingly DRY for a fully lathed cymbal with a large bell.  The stick attack is phenomenal. 

  • Take a super warm HH 20”, now make it magically DRY and with a solid bell and fairly quick but airy decay. Here you are!

  • It has a clean sound to it that is even and remains one of the more focused HHs there is. 

  • Viola!!  That is this mystery cymbal!   

  • And you don’t really see these anymore - Sabian has removed so many of their classic cymbals from their catalog to “update.”  Bleh.

  • Perfect shape with a TRADITIONAL Old-timey clean look. Looks like it could be from 1948.