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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Incredible DARK SMOKY ISTANBUL Mehmet 60th ANNIVERSARY RIDE 22" 2389 g 1/2 LATHE

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  • One of the most beautiful 22s” I have! Hand Hammered, but with a refinement!

  • Like the K Constantinople High Bell Series - a stunning, smoky Hybrid. 
  • This hand made rare 22" is a perfect blend of smoky with a bit of clean in there!  Almost like if Paiste made a SMOKY ride. 

  • No need to guess at some big box store pablum - have a listen to this unique, handmade beauty! 

  • Partially wide-lathed, partially fully lathed. Fully Hand Hammered and Commemorating 60 years of Istanbul’s dedication to cymbal making.  And I have to say, they’ve learned a thing or two over the last 6 decades. 

  • And you can be the beneficiary of their knowledge. 

  • As you can see this THIN 22" is dual lathed, providing you with two distinct surfaces and tones. A Hand Hammered Hybrid. But Smoky.

  • This particular 22" does a lot. Great stick. Billowing wash that does not overwhelm.  And it is easily crashable. 

  • Swells with mallets exquisitely!! 

  • Wonderfully balanced weight at 2389 grams, this 22" hand hammered Mehmet plays like a Thin to Medium Thin Light  SMOKY RIDE. 

  • Perfect blend of glowing warm with a hint of complexity but not overly trashy.  

  • The attack is vintage and organic sounding and resides just above the wash...and you get that Classic Hand Hammered tone. 

  • Smaller bell size controls the overtones and provides and even mellow glowing wash that is chill. 

  • Extremely crashable. 

  • Amazing for very low to medium loud settings. 

  • Main Light Ride. Left Side Ride. Massive Crash. It can occupy a lot of positions on your drum set. 

  • It's one of the NICEST modern cymbals you will find - guaranteed!   

  • Amazing. Gorgeous. Hand Made. Rare. Collectible. Worth it.