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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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  • Here's a very hard to find 22”. This is a newer offering and it’s in perfect shape.
  • THE LEGEND DRY!!! (not the dark.) And in the larger 22” size.  Thinner edges on this one too so it’s crashable. 

  • And this beauty is indeed also VERY DARK - a gorgeous instrument! STUNNING craftsmanship on this cymbal. Look at the closeups.

  • Mehmet has filed away under their "Jazz" line. Which is appropriate since this 22" is based off what was formerly known as the Mel Lewis Ride back when Agop and Mehmet still knew how to play nicely together.

  • HOWEVER, this being the "DRY Legend" the craftsmanship is NOTICEABLY different - dig the SUPER HEAVY HAND HAMMERING  

  • Here's Mehmet's take on this new Legend Dry:
    "The new Legend Dry cymbals have the same profile and weight as Legend Cymbals, but the shallow lathing and hammered bell results more complex and drier sound."

  • And at 2450 grams this Legend is easily crashable!! It actually has an ounce of Crash Of DOOM to it! That's how dark it is!

  • This particular 22" is exceptionally dark and low pitched. It has great subtle definition and still emits a dark, hand hammered wash that's fairly controlled-compliments of that Dry Legend style craftsmanship.

  • This Legend 22" has a Classic Turkish gem-low profile, beautiful lathing and hand hammering, a nice hand hammered bell.

  • Plays like a gorgeous CRASHABLE THINNER DARK Ride or even Dark Crash Ride!  And it is wonderfully complex. Just beautiful. BUT the stick attack still stays on top. THAT is the ISTANBUL magic.

  • And this is christened "DRY" for a reason.

  • I simply marvel how they do it-great stick attack but still dark and balanced. And this Legend Dry is wonderfully responsive at lower level volumes - again, it's a thinner 22”.

  •  This is a kickass Left Side Crash Ride, especially if you dig Dark and fairly Smokey tones!

  • And this 22" would be a terrific candidate for rivets if you're so inclined.

  • Very Low. Very Dark. Crashable. Complex. Still with an element of DRY!  

  • Perfect shape. Only played for the video. A phenomenal 22”.