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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$349.99 - $349.99
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  • Not a google image stock photo - in the flesh! These Brilliant HHX Groove Rides are not always that easy to find. But they are definitely worth the search. 

  • This Brilliant Vintage 21” is one of the DARKER and GLASSIER sounding Sabians you will find.  

  • It’s like a much more smooth sounding, darker and larger Sabian Evolution - more mellow and glassy sounding though with a lower pitch. 

  • 2458 grams. 

  • Medium-low in pitch. Dark and insanely SMOOTH with a glorious Brilliant Finish shimmer. Very light and subtle chime-like stick definition that is a bit smoky and not overly ping. It’s soft and subtle.

  • This 21” Crashes with ease to deliver a lush, blossoming wash. Great bell. Hand Hammered all over the place.  

  • When you lay into it, it delivers a HUGE Dark Crash that has a massive wash and projects very well. 

  • Smooth Dark Ride.  Massive Dark Crash.  Whatever you decide this 21” is incredibly versatile.  That’s the idea behind the Groove Ride. 

  • One of the nicer truly DARK and smooth HHX Sabians you will hear. This 21” can work in any style of music. 

  • Extremely clean. No issues.  Only played for the video.  Top of the Line HHX Craftsmanship.