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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

40 YR EAK Vintage Zildjian K Flat Ride Sizzle 20” 2466 g FOCUSED CHIMELIKE ATTACK

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Original price
$329.99 - $329.99
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  • The famous Zildjian EAK!

  • This rare 20” is from the first few years when Zildjian brought back their K Series with a little bit of help from Tony Williams! 
  • This is as close as Zildjian gets to the famous Roy Haynes Chick Corea “Now He Sings Now He Sobs”  Paiste 602 Flat Ride. 

  • A tight and focused sounding Rare K Flat 20” from the first few years American K's were created. 

  • Hard to find Ziljdian EAK Flat Ride Sizzle. As many of you know the absence of a bell controls the overtones and volume in a Flat Ride, and that is exactly the case of this four-decade-old K. 

  • Weighing in at 2466 grams, and of course, being a Flat Ride, this 20" delivers a fantastic, tight, and very focused chimelike attack. It has a bit of a glassy shimmer to it, like the Paiste 602 Flat, but this penetrates a mix better than the thinner Paistes.

  • The cleanest pin-point stick attack you will ever hear from a Zildjian. Outfitted with 5 old school rivets for a light and subtle rain-on-the-roof sizzle. Leave them in or remove them to your liking. 

  • Typical light wear, no issues, beautiful 40-year-old patina, classic telltale 80s EAK craftsmanship. Wavy surface. Looks hand hammered. 

  • Unique, very defined tone. Perfect as a Main Ride or Left Side Sizzle.