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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Smooth Re-Designed Zildjian 20" PING Ride 2471 g Why Pay 330?

Original price $209.99 - Original price $209.99
Original price
$209.99 - $209.99
Current price $209.99
  • Here’s an easy one.  New Ping Rides will set you back $330. Yes. That’s what Ks used to cost! And that’s for a big box store guess.

  • Fortunately, no one needs to pay that and you need not sacrifice tone! You don’t have to settle for some intermediate garbage-sounding cymbals.
  • This Redesigned Zildjian 20” PING Ride is remarkably smooth and offers a tight and defined PING tone.

  • Zildjian did a beautiful job with this A. It supplies a focused attack that is bright but not overly so and not heavy-handed.

  • 2471 grams gives it a great balance - it’s not a manhole cover but certainly can cut.

  • Fantastic bell. Great definition. Bright but not harsh. Crash on the edge for a wall of white noise Crash Ride tone.

  • Zildjian’s most popular ride.

  • And easy one! No issues. Nice patina starting to build. Strong logos. Tons of life!