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BIG LIGHT AIRY 1960s Vintage Zildjian 22” LIGHT Crash Ride 2487 g

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Original price
$439.99 - $439.99
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  • This is the Vintage Zildjian THIN 22” people are always asking me to find. 

  • Well here it is
  • This is an incredible sounding Vintage 1960s 22” - it’s nowhere near your typical Zildjian 60s Ping Ride or Medium Ride. This 22” plays like a true LIGHT RIDE or even THIN CRASH RIDE.  

  • A 22” at only 2487 grams. It plays like a Block Stamp logo 50s Zildjian. 

  • This 22” actually sounds like it has rivets in it - even though it doesn’t. That’s what I mean - light and airy tone but with a 50 year old smoothness! 

  • It is one of the nicest sounding, complex, airy 22s” you will hear from the 1960s. Part of it is because this 60-year-old 22” has a nice, umbrella-shaped profile that gives it a bit more spread than your average Medium Ride and the edges are THIN AND BLUR. 

  • With a 2487 gram weight it lives in the Thin Ride to Medium Thin Crash range for a 22”, but it has a light, mellow semi-dry attack that is followed by a soft and subtle, fairly complex wash.

  • What’s amazing is that you can play this big 22” very, very lightly and softly and it still sings. The dynamic range on this one is amazing.

  • Semi-dark, light and glowing.

  • When you open up on it and crash, it unleashes a torrent of 1960s thin Crash tone but in a Massive 22”! 

  •  The perfect huge 1960s 22” Crash, or great for Crash accents when you‘re riding at lower volumes and just need a punch.

  • Fantastic 5.5” bell is that is solid for such a thin cymbal. 

  • Again, this is an incredibly versatile 22” - you don’t find a cymbal that can go from 1 - 10 and remain musical often. 

  • Great shape with a beautiful half-century old patina. Light wear.   

  • Wonderfully versatile 22” from the golden age of both rock and jazz.

  • Hand Hammered and only 2487 grams, aged 60 years. It’s incredible. 

  • Don’t pay more for a modern “vintage homage” cymbal masquerading as old timey. 

  • Just get the real one.