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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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      • Here's a terrifically RARE Sabian that they of course discontinued - maybe they make like 4 a year for Terry Bozzio.  In 25 years of hard core cymbal-searching I’ve only seen one either one of these.

      • Sabian TERRY BOZZIO Signature RADIA Flat Ride 20” in terrific condition. 

      • And the craftsmanship on this Radia is INSANE! 

      • Just a beautiful cymbal! 

      • Sabian has busted their ass for the last 40 years trying to outshine their family members (Zildjian) and one of the ways they have gained attention in this hardscrabble world of cymbalmaking is through experimentation. Such is the case with this ingenious Radia Ride. As you can see the center of the cymbal is UNLATHED and Hammered. Followed by 16" of what appears to be VERTICALLY LATHED and Hammered glory. The outer 2" ring is UNLATHED and Hammered. The result is a cymbal that has a wonderfully DRY stick attack but also possesses a slightly organic and complex vibe "AAAAAAAHHHHHH" wash that dissipates VERY QUICKLY!

      • And, as you may know, the absence of a bell gives a cymbal a more controlled tone, and this Radia is no exception. You can lay into this 20° and the overtones will never get away from you. It's got an incredibly DRY, controlled vibe. 

      • The weight on this 20" RADIA FLAT is 2525 grams and it plays like a Medium Thin to Medium Flat Ride. The tone is DRY and overall CONTROLLED--both in volume and overtones. 

      • You can swing your ass off on this 20" and the wash and volume remain controlled. And that ain't an easy characteristic to find in a cymbal--but that's beauty of this Two Dimensional 20".

      • When you crash accent on the edge you get a terrific lightening-like explosion that decays rapidly.  

      • And absolutely head-turning Sabian that you never, ever find (unless you’re Terry Bozzio.)