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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Dark Full PAISTE Dimensions Medium Heavy Wild Ride 20” 2526 g

Original price $209.99 - Original price $209.99
Original price
$209.99 - $209.99
Current price $209.99
  • Like 2002 meets a Dark Energy! That was the vibe on this Dimensions series. It was the classic 2002 alloy with some hallmark Dark Energy hammering. 

  • And look at the PAISTE Signature - script, the exact same logo as the Dark Energy.

  • This 20” Medium Heavy Wild Ride is in fantastic shape for approaching its 20th birthday. 

  • Paiste fumbled the marketing on this Dimensions Series - people didn't really what these were or what they were marketed towards. 

  • The bottom line is they were 2002s with new lathing techniques with some Dark Energy genes and a few other ideas thrown in. 

  • And if you look at the craftsmanship on this 20” it has a SERRATED style lathing (on the underside) that Paiste never used before nor since. And the hammering is the same as the DARK ENERGY - deep circular style throughout and around the bell. 

  • It comes as no surprise that many of the Dimensions sound like DARKER and more COMPLEX 2002s.   

  • This being the Medium Heavy Wild Ride it offers more complexity and a rich, full organic tone. It’s not as sterile as 2002 can be. It’s a bit dirtier - noticeably more complex than your standard 2002 but still has the body to project.   Very solid bell! 

  • 2526 grams. 

  • That’s the beauty of this 20” Medium Heavy Wild Ride.  It sounds like no other Paiste - before. Nor since. 

  • No issues. The light patina is just starting to build and focus the attack. 

  • A great sounding slightly darker, complex Paiste that projects.