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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Semi DRY Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride 20” 2544 g SUPER CLEAN

Original price $319.99 - Original price $319.99
Original price
$319.99 - $319.99
Current price $319.99
  • No need to throw down more money on a stock photo and a guess.  Have a listen to this beauty - very even and balanced.  

  • This particular K Custom Medium perfectly splits the difference between Dry Attack and Warm fairly Dark K Wash. It's exceptionally well balanced and remarkably versatile. 

  • Lathed top, famously unlathed Brilliant finish underside for a stronger stick definition. 

  • Terrific stick attack that is strong enough to penetrate amplified music, but still lends that classic Zildjian K Custom warmth. 

  • Extremely solid and cutting Bell.

  • Aged and settled in over ten years BUT LOOKS a few weeks old! 

  • I’ve done all the waiting and mellowing for you so you’re not stuck with a brittle stiff new one. 
  • If you want a K that has a terrific cutting attack but is not clanky and overly dry, this is a fantastic choice.

  • Amazing condition. No issues.