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DARK DRY Discontinued Zildjian K Custom DARK COMPLEX 21” Ride 2548 g SUPER CLEAN!

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Original price
$549.99 - $549.99
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  • This is the CLEANEST versions of this cymbal I’ve seen! I looks like it’s a few weeks old! 
  • This is a standout cymbal in the Zildjian catalog, which is why of course they've discontinued it.

  •  Dammit, Zildjian!

  • These were pretty hard to find back when Zildjian did produce them. And this one has a beautiful dark, dry, complex balance to it. 

  • Fortunately, you need not pine away for the lost perfectly dry and lightly complex tone you sought. I happen to have right here...

  • The rare and wonderful Zildjian K Custom DARK COMPLEX 21” Ride that is in amazing condition! 

  • If you noticed something different looking about this Zildjian, you are correct! It DOES has a SATIN FINISH.  It’s unlathed but has this unique, lustrous ALMOST Brilliant Finish to it! It came with a factory distressed look. 

  • And check out the hammering on this specific 21” K Custom. The surface is rife with small, deep hammering. 

  • At 2548 grams this beauty plays like a DARK DRY Medium Thin Light Complex Ride. This 21” has incredible straight up stick attack with a very light complexity that decays fairly quickly.   

  • Great definition but still crashable. 

  • Perfect for fast and articulate sticking patterns. The wash does not eclipse the attack - far from it. 

  • The unlathed surface gives it a straight up focused definition while the intense hammering offers a breath of complexity.  The satin finish provides a light airyness but this 21” is overall dark and semi-dry.  

  • The bell Is a generous 5.5” and robust and rounded.  

  • Crashing on it emits a desert dry lightening strike! 

  • A true larger, organic Dark Dry Ride with a pinch of complexity that you just can't get from Zildjian these days. 

  • No issues. Incredibly CLEAN.  Organic satin factory raw vibe. Very light use.  

  • Hard to find but so worth the search - and fortunately you can now rest your wear feet!