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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Vintage Paiste BLUE LABEL 602 HEAVY Ride 20” 2560 g CLEAN TONE

Original price $479.99 - Original price $479.99
Original price
$479.99 - $479.99
Current price $479.99
  • What do Phil Collins, Bill Bruford and Carl Palmer all have in common? 

  • Why it’s the Vintage Paiste 602 20” Heavy Ride of course!! And it’s no surprise as to why. It’s very clean sounding and ultra smooth with dark leanings.

  •  Works perfectly both in live and studio situations! 

  • Why the living hell pay MORE MONEY for the big box store “re-issue” thats a stock photo you can’t even hear!

  • That ridiculous. 

  • Just get this rare BLUE LABEL REAL DEAL 602 from 1981 and listen to your heart’s content! 
  • This Early Blue Label Paiste 602 has a much cleaner,  more shimmering tone than the 1960s and even the 70s 602s. 

  • And it projects without bearing overbearing and ugly. It’s insanely chime-like and smooth. 

  • The Blue Label Era is the smoothest of all 602 eras.  

  • Weighing in at perfect 2560 grams, this Paiste 602  Heavy delivers the CLEANEST and most pin-point defined stick attack of any of the 602s  SHIMMERING!!
  • That’s the beauty behind the Heavy. It’s surprisingly dark and has a wonderful crystalline, chime-like stick attack that penetrates a mix perfectly without being overbearing.

  • Very clean and smooth with a defined articulation. Darker leanings. And as you would imagine, the bell is SOLID. But not brutish like some 90s era Signatures can be. 

  • It’s no wonder so many classy drummers played this Vintage Heavy. 

  • It’s amazingly smooth for both live and recording situations.

  • And it’s damn near impossible to find - from 1981. 

  • Great shape! Especially for being 40 years old. Light patina. Golden hue. 

  • Don’t spend more on a ubiquitous big box store “re-issue!”

  • This Vintage Early Blue Label 602 20” is exceptionally rare and a joy to play!

  • You can’t re-issue a life lived!