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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

15 YR Aged Paiste DARK ENERGY Mark I Ride 2568 g

Original price $429.99 - Original price $429.99
Original price
$429.99 - $429.99
Current price $429.99
  • This is an absolutely phenomenal Paiste!  It’s an aged, truly DRY Dark Energy 21”.  And it has a softer, more malleable played-in feel, which it acquired over the last decade and a half. 

  • Don’t fret staring at a google stock photo! Have a listen to this exact cymbal. 

  • The surface is smooth and has built up a natural patina that accentuates the stick attack and mellows this big 21” considerably.  The decay is quick for a 21”. 

  • 2568 grams. 

  • Paiste describes this beauty as:
    “ A fusion of darkness, energy, projection and brilliance. Very wide range, complex, musical mix. Responsive feel, extremely controllable. Woody, silvery, spanky ping over crunchy, thriving wash. Extremely versatile, flexible ride for wide ranging application in modern blended music styles. Mark I: Tends to be a bit quieter, darker and drier. This manifests itself in the overall sound character and in particular in the bell and ping sound.”

  • Now imagine that mellowed 15 years.  That’s this 21”. 

  • Dry and organic crash accents. 

  • This is Paiste’s flagship cymbal, and you can tell. They’ve managed to cram dark, dry, organic and smooth seamlessly into one cymbal. 

  • Use it for any style. Very soft to loud.  

  • Amazing shape.  No issues.  No dents. Just a killer patina that will continued to befriend it over time. A gorgeous cymbal.