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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

VERY Rare 23” Bosphorus PROTOTYPE 25th ANNIVERSARY Light Complex Ride Sizzle 2570 g AMAZING

Original price $449.99 - Original price $449.99
Original price
$449.99 - $449.99
Current price $449.99

I found this in a baby carriage outside my front door this morning: 23” 25th Anniversary PROTOTYPE Bosphorus Complex Sizzle Ride.

Yes indeed!  A factory 23” Proto in a mesmerizing midnight-blue slate finish with very deep hammering throughout!

Flat plain with a Bill Stewart type subtle taper downward flange at the edge lending it a particular light and airy complexity that is instantly identifiable.

A very svelte 2570 grams makes this rare 23” come alive with the drop of a stick and it’s easily crashable.

The end result is a lovely LIGHT COMPLEX massive Hand Hammered beauty that is Zildjian K Custom Dry Ride adjacent - BUT has a bit more smooth lightness to it. The bell is a bit smaller and the factory pre-aging process MELLOWS this 23” magnificently.
It still has enough tension to give a good stick attack for such a big, light cymbal.

Roars when laid in to.

Maintains that inimitable Bosphorus paper-y shimmer -  which is damn hard to find in such a grand cymbal! Nearly 2 feet - but it remains incredibly mellow.  3 rivets to keep a subtle foot in tradition-land.

The perfect Light Complex Ride - there’s just MORE of it. You won’t find another like it anytime soon. And it’s the price of a regular-ass K Custom puny 20”!