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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

UNIQUE 21” ROCKTAGON Sabian Custom Heather Stine Crash Ride 2584 g

Original price $369.99 - Original price $369.99
Original price
$369.99 - $369.99
Current price $369.99
  • Here’s a 1-of-1 cymbal!  

  • A massive and ultra rare Sabian 21” ROCKTAGON that has been custom lathed by renown cymbalsmith, Heather Stine.

  • Hell I’ve never even seen a 21” Rocktagon before.  The 18s” are insanely hard to find. And Heather Stine does magnificent cymbal work - you get the best of both worlds on this 21”.

  • Weighing in at a lovely 2584 grams, this 8-sided wonder plays like a semi-dry effects Crash Ride.

  • As you would imagine, there’s nothing like this out there!

  • As a ride cymbal, the initial stick attack is fairly dry and prominent, and being an 8-sided Rocktagon, the ensuing wash has that subtle Rocktagon complexity to it - it’s not super trashy and dirty, but it’s darker and has a unique spread and complexity to it. It’s the Rocktagon - they have a unique tone.

  • The bell is a rounded and robust 5.5” and is supreme! It’s cuts magnificently.  

  • When crashed upon, this 21” really earns its name!!  Huge. Full. Massive Wall-of-White Noise Crash Ride tone!  I mean massive!  

  • Beautifully lathed - gorgeous handiwork and of course signed by Heather Stine under the bell.

  • This is a fascinating cymbal that is a head-turner. Cuts extremely well but still maintains a nice stick attack when played delicately.  

  • No issues. Terrific shape.  One-of-a-kind! Nothing like it.