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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

PERFECT Paiste DARK ENERGY 10” SPLASH 259 g Don’t Pay $220

Original price $179.99 - Original price $179.99
Original price
$179.99 - $179.99
Current price $179.99
  • Yes it’s true!  This little 10” Paiste Splash costs $220 new.  This IS Paiste’s most expensive cymbal series! And that $220 gets you a stock photo and a guess at the tone! 

  • Well not chez Hazelshould!  Listen all you want! Buy with confidence. 

  • Perfect Condition Paiste signature DARK ENERGY MARK 1 10” SPLASH. As fresh as tomorrow!  

  • Paiste describes this splash as:
     Fairly wide range, complex mix. Soft and very responsive, giving feel with a short, exploding sparkly splash character. Very well suited for dynamic effect accents in many musical styles. Also, well suited for hand playing in percussive set”.
    “A fusion of Signature and Traditional series, the Dark Energy combines depth, darkness, total musicality and complex harmonics with brilliance richness and projection. Mark 1 is quieter, darker and drier.”

  • Only 259 grams makes it pretty damn thin and easily bendable.  

  • Absolutely stunning craftsmanship - take a look!  And have a listen! 

  • Quick, fast accents with a short decay - Stewart Copeland vibe tone. Classic Paiste with a beautiful darkness. 

  • Use it for anything.  Perfect shape!