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$669.99 - $669.99
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  • Here’s a very rare Zildjian K Constantinople Prototype 22” - I have NEVER seen another one like it.  The K Cons Flat Rides were extremely rare - this is the HI BELL HYBRID VERSION! It’s the only one I’ve ever seen.

  • Glowing warm with a wonderful semi-dry stick attack that falls right between complex and smoky and shimmering.   There’s a beautiful light and clean glow that resides above the organic and semi complex wash. But being a Flat Ride it’s very controlled. 

  • With a perfect weight of 2626 grams this K Cons Flat 22”  plays like a Light Medium Thin Flat.  

  • As you can see it's extremely heavily hammered and has the HYBRID style craftsmanship that you only see on the discontinued HI BELL THIN HIGH RIDES.

  • BUT….this is a FLAT!  

  • As many of you may know, Flat Rides are controlled both in volume and in overtones. And this 22" K Constantinople is no exception. It has a marvelous woody stick attack that is followed by a dark, organic, contained, slightly smoky wash. And that wash NEVER eclipses the initial stick definition. It's smooth and has a subtle clean tone on top. 

  • If you crash/accent on it you get a great lightening crack that's perfect for quick explosions. You can lay into this 22" and it will never get away from you. Therein lies its beauty.

  •  Broad spread but it remains controlled.  Incredible for recording!  Amazing for low to medium loud settings.

  • And this thing screams for rivets...if you're so inclined.

  • No issues. Very clean!  

  • Zildjian never released this and they offer nothing like it today.   And this is the only one I’ve ever seen. 

  • Extremely rare, musical, and collectible.