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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$369.99 - $369.99
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  • Wow! Paiste made a DRY Ride. 

  • Like they actually made a cymbal that’s DRY. 

  • For real this time. 

  • It’s dry. 

  • Very hard to find FIRST YEAR Paiste Twenty MASTERS DARK DRY 21” Ride in very clean shape! 

  • Take a look at this beauty!  It’s Raw with alternating gold lathed ribbons. The underside has a pre-aged finish to really shore up the dry attack. 
  • This is the kind of cymbal you would expect from Istanbul AGOP - but Paiste threw their hat in the ring of Hand Hammered and their throwing hay makers! 

  • 2798 grams. 

  • Paiste described this earlier 21” as:
    “Already at first glance one can recognize the exceptional character of the  21" Dark Dry Ride. The raw surface with numerous hammering marks is graced by wide lathing. The hallmark of these cymbals is a clearly defined but nevertheless dark and warm stick sound. Jazz players that prefer a controllable and dry sound, as well as Funk, Fusion or Pop drummers will enjoy the Dark Dry Rides. 

  • Dry, rich, silky, strong. Medium range, fairly complex mix. Very controllable and fairly dry feel. Silvery ping over rather short sustained and dusty wash. Ideally suited for articulated and precise paying in most musical styles such as R&B, Funk, Pop and Latin.”

  • Well there ya go!! 

  • Dry. Fairly dark. Fantastic stick articulation. Extremely responsive. Quick decay. At 2798 grams it had no problem cutting through - but this isn’t a Signature Dry Heavy Ride. This is a whole different tonal color.  Beautiful bell that has no problem penetrating. 

  • Larger 21” size from the first year of production. 

  • Great for low to loud volumes. It’s as versatile as Paiste promises.  

  • Aged - decade. Terrific condition. No issues.  Great patina starting to build. Typical wear on the surface/patina. Mellowed and played-in. 

  • Dry and musical and will continue to age well. 

  • Hard to find from the 1st year.