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ORIGINAL 1980s Zildjian EARLY K Custom DRY Ride 20” 2826 g CLEAN

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Original price
$339.99 - $339.99
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  • Here’s the 3 decade old ORIGINAL K CUSTOM DRY - back when Zildjian was experimenting with their brand new K line. This was one of the first K Customs they introduced.  It looks a little EAK - ish. That kind of wavy hammered surface. 

  • And this particular one is SUPER CLEAN for being 30 years old!

  • This is the first truly DRY K Zildjian produced - long before all the various offshoots we see today.  And everyone played these K Customs back in the day too.

  • Check out the craftmanship on THIS beauty! That ain't the modern K Custom Dry Ride. 

  • The surface is slightly wavy from all the deep and heavy hammering. And the hammering looks more random! And the bell is more rounded over and subtle. It looks a bit more like a Hand Hammered cymbal.

  • Weighing in at a lovely 2826 grams this Early K Custom Dry Ride plays like a medium-medium heavy ride-but it's DRY. As you can see, it is unlathed, raw, hammered. The bell is strong-but it's a different shape than the modern K Dry Ride. It projects quite well and it slightly integrated. As you migrate down towards the plain, the cymbal opens up a bit - more than most of the newer models. However it's obviously still very dry sounding. The wash is subtle and remains very controlled but it has a bit more body than most in the series. 

  • Tons of straight up stick definition with a very controlled 80s K wash that dissipates quickly. That is this beauty.

  • Dry. Very dark.  Earthen. Organic. Raw. Extremely focused stick attack that cuts a mix with ease.  Still musical in a quiet setting.

  • Extremely clean and harder to find. A hell of a lot of fun to play the 30 year old original from Zildjian’s first foray into the K Customs. The rest is history.