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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

1983 Vintage Paiste 2002 Heavy Ride 20” 2830 g

Original price $229.99
Original price $229.99 - Original price $229.99
Original price $229.99
Current price $199.99
$199.99 - $199.99
Current price $199.99
  • The 2002 Heavy Ride has been a Paiste staple since 1975! Alex Van Halen is a strong proponent of the Heavy 2002.  And that makes sense. 

  • What’s surprising is how dark this particular 20” is. Have a listen. Don’t guess at what a cymbal sounds like. Hear this one! 

  • Vintage 1983 Paiste 2002 HEAVY RIDE 20” in great shape. 
  • I love these Heavy Rides because they are a little darker and lower-pitched than the Ride and they have a LOT more stick attack. The bell is much more satisfying too. It has that Paiste “DING” tone. 

  • Clean. Dark. Chime-like attack. More focused than the regular Ride. 

  • Paiste describes this Heavy Ride as:
    “A lively, strong and energetic cymbal with a very definite ping that cuts and carries. Even though thicker than most Paiste rides, the pitch is low and the sound warm due to special, heavy hand hammering. Low bottom, moderately high ping and a powerful overall sound. (1) 
  • Good stick definition, good projection, but still retaining dry and warm qualities. 

  • Bright, full, warm, energetic. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Fairly heavy feel. Strong, defined ping over full, warm, slightly dark wash. Well suited for louder playing.”
  • That’s sexy as hell!!!  

  • 2830 grams.   

  • Has no problem penetrating a mix with its clean Paiste cutting attack - but it remains fairly dark.  

  • A great choice for medium to loud volumes. 

  • Aged nearly 40 years.  

  • From the first few years of production. Drier than a big box store new one that’s a guess at what it sounds like. Clean sound. Clean look - Father Time has bestowed it is a no logo traditional look. 

  • No issues.  A Classic 2002.