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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

RARE Vintage Zildjian EAK K Heavy Ride 20” 2842 g DARK DRY GADD

Original price $399.99 - Original price $399.99
Original price
$399.99 - $399.99
Current price $399.99
  • I absolutely love EAKs! They are fantastic instruments and a piece of cymbal history that you can actually PLAY!

  • Don’t pay more for a big box store K.  This the Hand Hammered First Series American K! And it’s one of the DRIEST you will hear!

  • The Original 40 year old Zildjian EAK 20” Heavy Ride in fantastic shape!

  • Dark. Dry. Supreme definition. Low pitched. Cuts exceptionally well.  Steve Gadd vibes all day.

  • And dig that craftsmanship. Wavy surface, very fine, leaving with the gradually sloped bell. Telltale 80s EAK.  

  • Weighing in at a lovely 2842 grams this EAK plays like a fairly DARK Medium to Medium Heavy Ride. The tone of the bell is remarkably solid-especially for an EAK. It's slightly integrated and cuts extremely well. As you migrate down to the plain of the cymbal, you get a strong chime-like prominent definition followed by a medium low, dark wash that is controlled but still present.

  • The attack is solid and as far as EAKs for, this one is DRY.

  • A perfect blend of warmth, dryness, organic tone with terrific stick articulation followed by a subtle slightly complex wash.

  • Steve Gadd famously used these for years! And you can tell.  That’s the sound.

  • Perfect for anything low to loud.  This 20” has no problem cutting but remains dark and musical in softer settings.

  • No issues.  Hard to find. Gorgeous 4 decade old patina mellow and dries it beautifully!