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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


Original price $379.99 - Original price $379.99
Original price
$379.99 - $379.99
Current price $379.99
  • This beauty is a Special Order - even the big box stores don’t have this one stocked!  You have to pay….then wait…. And then who knows what the hell you get. 

  • But chez Hazelshould, I would never make you suffer such an ignoble fate!  

  • Listen away to this exact cymbal for sale.  And it’s only been played for the demo.  But with confidence.  

  • Definitely harder to find, Paiste Signature CARL PALMER Duo Ride 20” VIR2OSITY in Perfect Condition. 

  • One of Paiste’s strongest and DRIEST cymbals. 

  • This is a gorgeous Paiste that blends two of their seldom seen Signature Rides into one:

  • The Dry Dark Ride with the Reflector Powerslave.   That’s the vibe of this DRY and focused Carl Palmer DUO! 

  • Hybrid style surface - hence “DUO.”  

  • Magnificent penetrating, finely lathed Brilliant Bell that is amazing. Dry interior surface. Back to fine lathe Reflector Finish on the outer 4.5” for body and a touch of brilliance.  

  • Here’s how this Paiste DUO RIDE is described:
    Made from a proprietary signature bronze alloy, the 20" Paiste Signature Duo Ride cymbal delivers multiple zones for a variety of sounds. Designed for Carl Palmer, the 20" Signature Duo Ride offers a lathed zone for lively and crisp sound, while the un-lathed zone is more raw and dry sounding. The bell delivers a loud and piercing sound that will cut through any mix. Carl Palmer loves this cymbal, and says "This is the one. Covers the most demanding players."

  •  Bright, steely, energetic. Heavy feel. Glassy, strong ping that's drier, more raw, wooden in the un-lathed zone, and livelier, crisper, richer in the lathed zone. Fairly raw, earthy, complex wash that's very tight and controlled. Loud, piercing bell. Cutting, variable ride cymbal with distinct playing zones for articulate playing in louder settings.

  • I think I might cry!  That’s beautiful!  

  • The key words here are: loud and piercing bell, drier and more raw,  articulate - cuts through a mix.  

  • Focused, clean attack that’s great for recording, obviously it’s phenomenal LIVE!  This Rare Carl Palmer Ride projects. As you would imagine.  

  • No issues.  Only played for the video.  Clean!