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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

ULTRA RARE ED THIGPEN Sabian 22” CRYSTAL BELL Ride 2852 g Sound Control

Original price $549.99 - Original price $549.99
Original price
$549.99 - $549.99
Current price $549.99
  • I’ve only seen 3 of these in the last 25 years - the 22” ED THIGPEN CRYSTAL BELL RIDE.  

  • And it is indeed a Hand Hammered Sound Control.  And it’s 25 years old too. A gorgeous, extremely rare cymbal that’s as classy sounding as its namesake - a master of the instrument!

  • This generous sized 22" has a great, rounded over  bell and HH styled Sound Control Flanged Edge.

  • And this particular 22" has a VERY nice stick attack-especially for a fully lathed 22"! 

  • The weight is 2852 grams - which provides a fantastic straight up stick articulation.  
  • What I dig about this Rare 22" is that it has a great stick attack that is followed by a super warm, glowing, SEMI-DARK, VERY MELLOW, HAND HAMMERED wash. And the overall vibe is fairly controlled, compliments of that FLANGED Sound Control edge. This cymbal does not wash out, the stick attack stays above the wash. 

  • As you can see the bell measures a generous 5.5" and is solid and perfect for "the latin thing."

  • Very Mellow. Terrific definition. Medium Low in pitch. Controlled overtones. Great definition on top but not dead or overly dry.

  • THAT is this 22". 

  • This 22" makes a terrific main ride OR outfit it with rivets and you'll have an amazing Left Side Sizzle Ride.

  • No issues. Very strong logos. Aged with a light, golden patina.

  • As versatile as the man who inspired it.