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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

ULTRA RARE SMOOTH Sabian HH Hand Hammered MINI BELL 22” Ride 2956 g BRILLIANT Mint

Original price $469.99 - Original price $469.99
Original price
$469.99 - $469.99
Current price $469.99
  • Heres an ULTRA Rare 22” - a Custom or One-Off Top of the Line HH:

  • Sabian HH Hand Hammered MINI BELL in a BRILLIANT FINISH in immaculate condition. This is most likely the ONLY one of these you will find.

  • This custom Sabian is like the fraternal twin to the famous HH 22” Brilliant Sound Control. This 22” has the same shimmer and Hand Hammered light complexity however the Mini Bell provides MAX stick definition on top - it provides a unique PIN POINT attack that is followed by a glassy, almost Paiste-like super clean finish. You get definition, lightness and supreme control out of a huge, Hand Hammered 22”.

  • Sabian makes nothing like this today in their catalog - this is a rare, custom one-off cymbal.  If you’re a deep-cut Cymbalholic you’ll recognize that this is similar to the older Sabian Carl Allen Signature Ride however it’s a 22” and BRILLIANT. 2956 grams gives it a great ability to cut for an almost flat ride.

  • Comes to life with the lightest glance of a stick but it has enough weight and tension and definition to penetrate a mix.

  • Perfect.  And perfectly rare. And this is less than a regular- ass big box store HH MEDIUM Ride. The only one around!