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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

CLEAN 1st YR Hard To Find PAISTE 3000 Heavy Ride 20” 2976 g

Original price $249.99 - Original price $249.99
Original price
$249.99 - $249.99
Current price $249.99
  • You know who used one of these? Russ Kunkel! I love it!

  • This cymbal is much darker than the 2002 series.  And the bell projects much better too.

  • Beautiful and amazingly clean, first year of production, Paiste 3000 Heavy Ride in fantastic condition.

  • The Paiste 3000s were literally the pre-cursor to the Signature series.

  • As many of you may know, the top of the line Paste 3000s debuted in 1986 and replaced the 2002 series. Eventually the 3000s were replaced when Paste brought back the 2002s. What's interesting is that the 3000s were actually the 2002 ALLOY WITH SIGNATURE LATHING and similar Signature Hammering--like a harbinger to the now famous Paste Signature Series.

  • Weighing in at a healthy 2976 grams this Paiste 3000 plays like the CLASSIC Heavy Ride. What's interesting about this specific 3000 is that it is actually DARKER sounding and slightly more complex than the 2002s. Of course the 3000s have that Classic inimitable CLEAN Paste 2002 Alloy tone, however this cymbal is slightly darker than your garden variety 2002...AND it has a greater spread and lower pitch.

  • The stick attack of course is prominent and cuts superbly! Therein lies the magic!

  • And then there's the lovely SOLID BELL!! Classic Paste DING DING DING tone---cuts straight to the back wall.

  • Sounds like a a Van Halen album - that’s the clean and penetrating tone! And Alex Van Halen used many a 3000 Paiste.

  • Terrific for medium to extra loud volumes.  It’s a joy to play live!

  • No issues at all. One of the cleanest nearly 40 year old Paistes you will find.

  • 1st year of issue.