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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Rare Ultra-Smooth Vintage Paiste Pre Serial 602 22" Ride 3030 g

Original price $539.99 - Original price $539.99
Original price
$539.99 - $539.99
Current price $539.99
  • This right here is one of the finest sounding Vintage Paistes you will hear!  It’s dark and super smooth.  It’s crashed exquisitely too. And it from the golden era that put Paiste on the map! 
  • No need to go $680 deep on a cymbal that claims to do what this stunning 22" has been doing for a half-century.

  • This particular 22” beauty has the pronounced hammering that fans out beautifully. 

  • 3030 grams provides the perfect elixir of dark, subtle chime-like attack, but miraculously it still crashes like a dream! That’s what happens when the alloy has settled for half-a-century! 

  • Darker, low-pitched, solid bell and much more musical than the smaller sized 20". This beauty has aged over 50 years, play it with love and it will serve you well. Factory stamped “Medium Ride” in the famous vintage Pre-Serial red ink.

  • Crashes unbelievably well. 

  • Sings from a whisper to a roar.  Mellow Dark Ride. Billowing Full Crash.  Use this Rare 22” Vintage Pre Serial 602 for absolutely anything.

  • This is the tone that made Paiste famous. And the 22s are quite hard to find these days. 

  • No need to spend more on the reissue imitation.