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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$469.99 - $469.99
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  • DAMMIT is this a beautiful sounding PAISTE - and one that SHOULD be made! Hell at least they made it once!  And you can benefit from that one time they did.  

  • This gorgeous 22” blends the modern 602 vibe with a bit of a deep cut because it looks like Paiste went back to the SIGNATURE DRY CRISP vault on this one - they borrowed the smaller bell and super smooth, clean and crisp tone of that 1990s Signature cymbal.  

  • But they never offered that Dry Crisp Signature in the 22” size.  

  • With a perfect weight of 3042 grams, you get this smooth hybrid tone of 602 meets the Signature Dry Crisp Ride.  

  • Very, very, very smooth and glassy sounding. Extremely clean tone.  Even for a Paiste. But what’s even more amazing is there is a light, paper-y shimmer in the afterglow.  

  • Being the larger 22” size this Prototype has a darker and lower pitch than a 20”, and that generous playing field offers a nice body of wash, but again this Paiste remains clean, crisp and controlled - like the Dry Crisp Ride of yore but with a modern flair and smoother sounding.

  • The 3042 grams ensures a strong and clean stick definition, but it’s not hulking or clumsy. It has a light shimmer to it!

  • Perfect for low to loud volumes.  Immaculate condition.

  • I have not seen it’s equal.