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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or

Clean Shimmering Sabian AAX RAW BELL DRY RIDE 21” 3508 g Don’t Pay $419!

Original price $189.99 - Original price $189.99
Original price
$189.99 - $189.99
Current price $189.99
  • No need to go $420 deep for a stock photo and a guess at what your next cymbal sounds like.  

  • Have a listen to this one!

  • Clean and shimmering sounding Sabian AAX 21” Raw Bell Dry Ride.  

  • Sabian deceives this cymbal as:
    "A ride for every style, this RBDR delivers bright, crystal clear sticking at all volumes - low to loud - and solid bright punch when played on the raw, unlathed bell."

  • And that is accurate.  

  • Weighing in at a lovely 3058 grams, this robust AAX 21" plays like a SHIMMERING Medium to Medium Heavy Ride with a very focused and controlled tone.

  • Imagine a lathed 21" brighter Leopard Ride with a bit more WASH and shimmer - there ya go!

  • The bell on this Beast is extremely solid and slices through guitar players’ egos with ease, all the while maintaining the bright musicality of an AAX. As you migrate down to the plain of this Raw Bell Dry Ride, you get a fantastic, aggressive stick definition (that's the "Dry" part) that remains focused. Very strong Dry Ping tone with phenomenal projection that remains smooth and does not clank.

  • The stick attack is CLEAR, bright and articulate without being harsh. That's the beauty of this 21".

  • Perfect for absolutely any style.  Great for medium soft to loud volumes.  

  • Light wear.  Overall clean. Great shape.