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CALL OR TEXT GERRY ANYTIME: (216) 577-7552 or


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$169.99 - $169.99
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  • The famous ROCK RIDE in the iconic 21” size! One of the most popular cymbals Zildjian ever produced! And with good reason. 

  • It cuts. And it’s drier with a more focused attack than the Ping Ride.

  • Factory stamped “ROCK RIDE” in the famous Zildjian block lettering. 

  • Amazing focused and articulate attack with a great cutting bell that rises high off the plain. 

  • This one is fairly dark sounding too - darker than you might expect. 
  • This Zildjian Hollow Logo 21” has all the hallmark aggressive, focused definition and fantastic bell that put it on the map 50 years ago. 

  • This particular 21” has a pronounced stick definition with a nice, medium wash that it not too short and not too full.  Very well-balanced. 

  • Buddy Rich famously played this model because it’s cuts well and supplies a great attack. 

  • Weighing in at a healthy 3308 grams, this 21” has a Medium Heavy to Heavy constitution-exactly what you would need in an amplified setting. 

  • The pitch is medium-low for one of these and it cuts extremely well. 


  • Crash Ride on the edge for a massive wall of white noise that’s like you’re in Black Sabbath. 

  • Classic tone that’s heard so often it’s in our subconscious. 

  • No issues. Overall very clean with a beautiful golden hue! 

  • Perfect for straight up rock, blues and funk and hell even Big Band. Versatile.